URGENT information on the "Deep State"




  What is "LIFE" About???

Paying bills, obeying "Authorities" in religion, politics, and every other issue, making sure it's all "legal" so you don't get in trouble, even though the controllers make up the very laws they exclude themselves from? What was "Life" like in the past?

Which is not the same as "lawful" where all are equal, and as long as no harm, injury or loss has occurred, no crime has either...actually it's Common Law, which was taken away after the revolutionary war we never won, so we kept paying off the king/queen/crown) it's also where the BAR lawyers come from. Check out the deathbed confession of retired CIA Agent, Malcolm Howard"WE blew up WTC7 ", and realize that "Bar" lawyers work for the controllers. It's why we lose in court.

Keeping Our heads down in order to avoid being singled out and questioned, is this Living?.... Not even looking up to see how Humanity is being sprayed like bugs with aluminum, barium (pronounced "bury 'em") strontium, lithium, nano particles, etc, ...... so Not asking questions is always better? (Here's the real game plan.)

Forced Vaccinating of Our Children with deadly mercury, along with other nefarious toxins, while real research done on Children who are vaccinated prove how harmful they are? Forced education?

Are  OUR CHILDREN really Murdered at Secret Ceremonies as sacrifices to "Lucifer", with their lifeless bodies cut up and sent out to slaughter houses owned by the new world order, ending up at  food franchises like McDONALDS AS Rabbi Abraham Finklestein Claims??? This is a Very Disturbing link, but if it's true, like "Pizzagate" is, then WE CAN'T STOP THIS UNTIL WE FACE IT! 

Obedience to the "state/trump/congress/police/swat/military/cleric/ even when you're driving home with cash you earned and saved for vacation, but it's confiscated by police under "civil forfeiture laws" because they need money, don't know where you got it....and you threw away the receipt?

Plus you'll be beaten and possibly murdered anyway, without any kind of "justice" for your untimely death?

Is THIS what Living is?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself where the fruits of your labor are being directed, and if they are not of benefit to you and your family, well then more questions are in order.

Decide what Your LIFE is about and whether or not you believe that the individual Soul You Own, will be destroyed after death...or does it go on? Do "You" go on in some form or another? Would it matter if you believed you did? If  you go on after "death", does that alter any fear you have of "losing" your life now and taking positive action???

What if we NEVER lose Life, but just change form and planes of existence, and don't lose our awareness?

Will my existence right here and now make a difference after I've passed on?

What gives my Life meaning?

If I remain afraid and numb to my own Divine Connection to Source, then what will happen if my existence does "go on" and I get to look back at everything later and examine it?

What if I have to "redo" what I didn't finish while I was here?

Respect LOVE, LIFE & PROCREATION, not thinking with your lower extremities and putting yourself on display so Children will be forced to consider lifestyles that are of no real concern to them until they are much older.

Is the gay/trans movement really about eviscerating The Family and destroying the precious Cycle of Life? 

Will I be happy with the results of all the years I spent on Earth?

Or will I regret sitting on the sidelines and watching others "live" as our ancestors did?

How would I feel if I decided right here and right now, that no matter how much others try to influence me, this is MY LIFE, and it's time to learn the Truth so I can help Honorably Defend IT! (this is NOT it)

Hopefully you're beginning to realize that the only People who are denied a rich, full, life, are the ones who relegate all decisions to someone else, and "follow orders" which is how "governments" operate..........

and how they (WE order followers) continue to kill BILLIONS globally

Self Ownership means you understand and embrace that the ONLY ONE YOU can have any power over at all, is YOU!  And no matter how many badges, buttons or how much bullshit is thrown your way, you fully grasp that Your reactions or actions are really up to YOU, and the MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IS IMMORAL.

Just because someone claims to have "power" over YOU because he/she/? holds up a piece of paper with words, stamps and ribbons on it, and FORCES obedience, does that mean you must obey? Aren't you really just like the other "order follower" who's holding the paper and giving orders? Why follow them? Out of fear? Again....what is YOUR LIFE about..."OBEDIENCE"??? Or gang mentality?

WE need to educate ourselvestaking back Our Control in every aspect of  Life possible, especially Our Health!

The majority of US have been tricked into EATING POISON and NOT REAL FOOD, like Fresh, Raw, Fruits and Vegetables, and locally raised Animals, from cradle to adulthood, from well meaning Parents who've been brainwashed into feeding US crap!

Dairy, Breads, gluten, starches, cookies, carbs, chips, dips, sugars, soy, meat glue steaks, gmos, etc, all designed to keep us in the rockefeller standard medical system of illness and death.

We ALL are born with THC receptors in our brains and bodies, MARIJUANA IS GOOD FOR US, HEMP HEALS!!! But of course it's ILLEGAL! Or if it is "legal", there are so many circles of red tape, fines, fees, and proper packaging with the right "stickers/labels", and bags...that it costs an arm and a leg to get through the paperwork, and by that time, we're dead.

We've definitely got REAL REASON'S to STEP BACK and Consider just HOW FAR WE'VE FALLEN, Both AS INDIVIDUALS & COLLECTIVELY. Think about this monthly when the 15th rolls around...what would happen IF WE DID NOT SUPPORT profit, and instead, stayed HOME AND SUPPORTED OUR FAMILIES AND BEGAN to PLAN OUR FUTURE? Instead of waiting for the controllers to force our hand with more false flags, wouldn't it be better to plan ahead and stock up?

Make sure as well to have supplies and are ready to leave quickly.  Wouldn't the 15th of each month, be a GREAT time to stay home and research, networking and making sure you'll all have what you need, instead of go to work as usual, and never find time to prepare? Not to mention, how are you ever going to get a fair wage and benefits, unless WE Unite and make demand while withdrawing support? More flat out Obedience??? Just think, once enough of US are prepared, one month there will be sooo many of us home, and profit will drop so far down, that they will be forced to bargain, and we can continue to boycott, NEVER going "back", only FORWARD!!!

So what kind of preparations have you made? Do you have sources of Water, Power & Food in case of emergencies? Just how much difference would ONE DAY MAKE? Without $$$, quite a bit to the controllers! And one day a month will add up in terms of how well prepared you are. Remember, YOUR LIVES matter more to YOU than those order followers in uniforms!

How hard is it to use up one sick day? Or to call in sick because YOU REALLY ARE SICK of the lies, and corruption from the controllers who are DESTROYING OUR LIVES AND WORLD! Imagine empty airports, banks, buses, big corporate stores...NO PROFIT for the criminals on wall street!!!! Or if you do shop it's at the locally owned Mom & Pop shop on the 15th!


WE NEED UNITY & ACTION if WE are to succeed!




Now LIVE YOUR LIFE to the Best of Your Abilities...because YOU are the Only ONE Who can Gift back YOUR LIFE to YOURSELF!

Then it will be down to Humanity, Uniting as ONE:

Our Networking Energy as Life and Beauty, vs the total domination planned for US by the controllers. The answer is up to US!

I pray WE WIN!

Mission Statement

To inspire Individuals to awaken to Heart Centered Thinking and True Human Rights:
Self Ownership, Voluntary Cooperation, Non-Aggression, Honorable Defense and Moral Stewardship!

WE are the instruments through which Miracles flow, or not...

United We Strike 

For Our Children, Our World, and Our Future!

I want to express my thanks to the photographers of the pictures I found online, and used here. They help soften the Truth! Kudos as well to the authors of links, your research  is invaluable and I'm proud to share it.

To the creator of the beautiful Crystal Globe Earth picture used in the header, THANK YOU! It is my prayer/intention that all who view it are awakened on a Cellular/Soulular basis (going to the deepest part of Ourselves) and that the Water they carry, Within and Without, begins to Heal.


Above is a picture from Dr. Emoto's work with Water, titled "Happiness"

Special Thanks and  Much Gratitude to each and every individual Person who either produced, guested, listened or hosted during all the years from 2008 until 2017. We had quite a run, and there are too many names to mention, however the efforts of Max, David, Charles, Detlev, Matt, Alan, Gary, JP, Patti, Shar, Paul & Tommy stand out.

And to those who may have left feeling unappreciated or neglected, please accept my sincere apology. Groups are difficult for me, and I hope you can forgive me if you felt slighted in any way, for it was never my intention. I am driven by a force (some would say farce) beyond my ability to resist, and clumsy as I am, have allowed ego to get in my way much too often. While I can't go back, I can go forward and I want you to know that I am grateful for your time and thank you for it, for without each of YOU, I would not be here, now.

WE are ONE, and I love you.


karen of the quinn-tostado families (not a corporation)